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Checking Blood Pressure


  • Where can I go for blood work?
    Lowell General Hospital or any laboratory or hospital that your insurance will cover.
  • How do I prepare for blood work?
    Any Lowell General Hospital patient service center any laboratory or hospital that your insurance will cover.
  • What insurances are accepted?
    Please follow this link to read more about accepted insurances.
  • Where can I find the patient portal?
    Please follow this link to access the patient portal.
  • How do I get a referral?
    You can request a referral on the patient portal or submit a referral request on our referral request line. Please have all information readily available when you call: State and spell your name Date of birth Primary care physician Daytime telephone number Name of your health insurance Specialist you wish to see Reason for your visit (your diagnosis) Date of the appointment Please check with your PCP before you request a referral for a new specialist.
  • How do I obtain my medical records if i choose to move to another PCP?
    You must fill out a Medical Records Release Form or you can get one at our office. There may be a fee for processing your records. A copy of your records will be available for you to pick up at our office.
  • Where can I go after hours for medical attention?
    Please call us first at (978) 452-9700 We have a physician on call 24/7 with access to your medical records If you feel that you need to be examined in person by a doctor when the office is closed, you can access one of the Circle Health Urgent Care centers
  • How can I check my blood pressure at home using a home blood pressure monitor?
    Refer to this link:
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