Insurance Referrals

Referrals are authorized upon approval by your primary care physician and in accordance with your insurance company’s referral policy. You may leave a request for a referral authorization 24 hours a day via our automated referral request line. It is important that you leave all requested information at least 7 days prior to your specialist appointment in order to allow for processing time. Appointments with specialists, for which a referral authorization has not been issued, may not be paid by your insurance company and may be the financial responsibility of the patient.

After dialing the phone number for your doctor’s location and reaching Riverside Medical Group’s main greeting press option 2 to reach the Referral Request line.

When you call to request a referral you will be directed to an automated attendant who will ask you to provide the following information. Please have all information readily available when you call.

  1. State and spell your name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Primary care physician
  4. Daytime telephone number
  5. Name of your health insurance
  6. Specialist you wish to see
  7. Reason for your visit (your diagnosis)
  8. Date of the appointment